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Balinese Art



Balinese Garuda Eagle Mask Topeng Hand Carved Wood Bali Wall Art Indonesian


BUDDHA Mudra HANDS Statue Jewelry holder Wood carving Balinese art


Winged Mermaid Goddess Ornament Set Hand Carved Painted Wood Balinese Folk Art


Balinese Mermaid Wall Art Sculpture Panel Bali architectural Hand Carved Wood


Bali Flying Dewi Sri Goddess Ornament Guardian carved Wood Set 2 Balinese Art


Balinese Mermaid Wall Art Dewi Sita Goddess Rama Guardian Hand carved wood Bali


Carved Wood Mask Hand Painted Bird Indonesia Bali Flower Batik Balinese Folk Art


Balinese Ganesha Elephant Mask Wall art Hand Carved crocodile wood Bali Art


Balinese Barong Garuda Mask Indonesian Wooden Carved Demon Wall Art Home Decor


Antique Balinese Mask, Wood Carving, Balinese Folk Art, Barong Sai, Demon Sai


Flying Naga Dragon Mobile Cradle Guardian Hand Carved wood Balinese Art 16" Red


Dragon & Crescent Moon Wall Art Plaque Panel Hand Carved Balinese Wood carving


Vintage Hand Carved Wooden Balinese Art Demon Face Dance Mask Rangda Colorful


Vintage Original Balinese folk art painting village dancing people scene


Balinese Mask Boma Barong Hindu Rakshasa Demon Bali Wall Art Hand carved wood


Golden Lotus Buddha Painting acrylic canvas Balinese Wall art Asian Decor


Balinese Painting "Getting Together in the Jungle" Awesome! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Painting "Two Cockatoos in a Tree" Outstanding! (31"W x 23"H)


Dragon boat & Goddesses Wall Hanging Hand Carved and painted wood Balinese Art 


Balinese Painting "Parrots together " Beautiful! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Original Painting "Starling Family" Large Size (25" High x 43" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Sparrows Together" Cheerful (23" H x 15" W")


Balinese Hand Carved Wooden Mask Barong Monkey Indonesia Wall Art Tall 7 inches


Balinese Original Painting "Cockatoo Lovers" Monotone (15" High x 23" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Parrots in the Bamboo" Superb! (31" H x 23" W)


Balinese Original Painting "Sparows in the Trees" Incredible! (37" H x 28" W)


Balinese Painting "Having Fun Together" Incredible! (54" Wide x 33" High)


Balinese Original Painting "Balinese Starlings" Wonderful! (23" H x 43" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Birds in Bamboo" Incredible! (27" H x 35" W")


Balinese Flying Pig piggy Ornament Set hand carved wood painted Bali Folk Art


Balinese Painting "Cockatoos & Sparrows in the Jungle" (53.5" W x 33.5" H)


Balinese Painting "Starlings with their Friends" Incredible! (33" H x 52.5" W)


Gothic Skull Bronze Door Handle Knob Pull Cast Silvered Balinese Art


Balinese Original Painting "Starlings Having Fun" Fantastic! (23" H x 18" W")


"Enormous" Original Balinese Painting titled "Tropical Rainforest" (90"W x 48"H)


Balinese Original Painting "Birds of a Feather" Fantastic! (27" H x 34" W")


Balinese Mask Barong Singa Lion Topeng Hand carved wood Bali wall art


Balinese Sun Wukong Wall Art Panel Hand Painted Carved Wood Bali Monkey King


Balinese DOWRY Wedding Offering BOX Chest Hand Carved Painted Wood Bali Art


Balinese Lotus architectural Panel carved wood Bali wall Art architectural


Vintage Dewi Sri Bronze Statue Rice Goddess Lakshmi Verdigris Balinese Art